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12045 FOSSANO, (Italia)
Teléfono: 017260930
Web: http://www.pieffesrl.com



Pieffe was founded in 1947 as a manufacturer of technical articles made of rubber for the automotive and motorbike sectors. Thanks to ongoing research and new technologies, cast polyurethane has become our main field of production to date. Pieffe is the only company in Italy in the field of cast polyurethanes to have a machine store of 10 automatic casting machines as well as numerous stations for mixing inside semi-automatic reactors.Pieffe has concentrated its core-business on cast polyurethane creating a series of production lines ranging from very low harness polyurethane (5/10 shore “A”) to higher hardness levels (85/90 shore “D”). Thanks to the considerable flexibility of its production plants it is able to guarantee the production of polyurethane small parts as well as large sized and complex manufactured items. As well as small scale productions (starting from single prototypes) to those on a large scale. Pieffe production also includes the polyurethane coating of wheels, rollers, cylinders and drums of any hardness and colour with dimensions of up to 1250 mm in diameter and 5000 mm in length. Furthermore, thanks to a modern and well equipped mechanical department, Pieffe is capable of supplying its clients with such articles inclusive of cores and metallic parts. Pieffe has recently installed a new line for the coating of rollers, cylinders and drums using the widest range of elastomers currently available on the market. The plant that operates alongside the tried and tested PU coating line, has been developed making use of the latest technological advances and is capable of coating rollers of up to 1500 mm in diameter and of lengths of up to 5500 mm. Nowadays, Mappano is the specialized site of rubber roller coating. The quality of our product is constant in time compared to other polyurethane, because we always work with the same suppliers (Bayer and Chemtura, very important competitors at the global scale), who give us technical sheets and certified  materials, in order to guarantee a high product quality.

Sector visitante al que se dirige el expositor

  • Automoción y/o su industria auxiliar: STEEL
  • Fabricación Máquina-Herramienta: PAPER
  • Siderurgia: GLASS

Países de interés

  • Francia
  • Suiza
  • Bélgica

Categorías de productos

  • EQUIPOS PARA LA FABRICACIÓN / Siderurgia / Maquinaria y equipos para siderurgia y laboratorios
  • PROCESOS DE FABRICACIÓN / Mecanización de piezas con arranque de viruta / Mecanizados de precisión
  • PROCESOS DE FABRICACIÓN / Mecanización de piezas con arranque de viruta / Rectificado
  • PROCESOS DE FABRICACIÓN / Mecanización de piezas con arranque de viruta / Torneado
  • PROCESOS DE FABRICACIÓN / Plástico / Mecanización
  • PROCESOS DE FABRICACIÓN / Plástico / Moldeo
  • PROCESOS DE FABRICACIÓN / Plástico / Plasticos semielaborados
  • PROCESOS DE FABRICACIÓN / Plástico / Tratamientos superficiales
  • PROCESOS DE FABRICACIÓN / Recubrimientos superficiales / Otros Revestimientos no metálicos
  • PROCESOS DE FABRICACIÓN / Recubrimientos superficiales / Preparación y/o acabado de superficies

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ISO 9001:2015 for our rubber coating line of Mappano

ISO 9001:2015 for our rubber coating line of Mappano

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