Senior 3D Designer

Senior 3D Designer
Senior 3D Designer

The main responsibilities of this position are to performe and supervise 3D modelling and 2D drafting tasks related to the design of a semi-submersible floater for offshore wind. The chosen candidate will work alongside and provide design and drafting leadership within a team of inter-disciplinary engineers and drafters.

You will be providing design and drafting leadership, and you will also develop 3D designs using SolidWorks and producing 2D drawings from solid models.

You will produce 2D mechanical and schematic drawings using SolidWorks/AutoCAD.

You will be the responsible for developing and implementing the design and drafting standards and processes.


You need more than 7 years of experience in similar roles.

Expertise in 3D design software (SolidWorks), and 2D drafting (Solidworks and AutoCad).

You must also demonstrate experience with administration of drawings and 3D models.

You need experience in PDM/PLM environments including Configuration of Technical Documents.

Experience working in a multi-cultural and multi-time zone environment would be beneficial.

Experience in the Naval Architectural / Offshore Engineering industry will be valued.

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