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4100-414 PORTO, (Portugal)
Teléfono: 351226166860
Fax: 351226107473


AIMMAP was founded in 1957 and is one of the most representative Portuguese sectorial associations whose main objective is to assist its members in a continuous and everlasting way so as to advise and help them to improve their competitiveness and innovation processes. As a result of very well combined procedures in areas of strategic importance for the modernization of the metallurgical and mechanical engineering, AIMMAP has nowadays a logistic organization which cooperates with all public and private stakeholders  and offers a varied and important choice of services and support to its associated companies, more than 1000. AIMMAP's Mission is to contribute towards the promotion and development of the sub-sectors it covers by giving technical support for technological and logistic assistance and professional training. AIMMAP is also focused on the promotion of a well sustained development of the sector based on its internationalization and global competitiveness.

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