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3750-000 ÁGUEDA, (Portugal)
Teléfono: +351234600530
Fax: 00351234600539
Web: http://www.cybore.pt

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JAEXISTE, Lda is a precision part manufacturing company in medium and large series, specialized in automatic and mechanical turning in the Industrial Area of Giesteira, Águeda, and with 21 years of experience in the metal and mechanical industry we have the necessary knowledge and materials to meet every customer needs. We are also a certified company and first of all we want to guarantee the quality of our products and services with a personalized follow up to each client.

We offer a wide range of options, from stainless steel, brass, aluminium, and plastics, among others and we work different diameters between Ø 2 and Ø 120.

All processes, from raw materials to final products, are ensured according to high quality criteria and we develop specific products according to the customer requirements, always trying to meet all deadlines and the set timings.

We have different types of machines and we always try to have the best equipment and technicians.
The CYBORE trademark is a result of the company's positioning and solidity strategy.

We manufacture components for different sectors of the industrial activity: Automotive, Hydraulic, Medicine, Cycling, Hardware, Rail sector, Taps, Small household appliances, Components for industry.

Our main advantages are:

    • Excellence finishes
    • Low cutting forces which do not damage the physical or mechanical characteristics of the material
    • CN code which allows repetition of parts manufacture as often as necessary
    • Experience in exportation, specifically: France, Germany and Spain


Sector visitante al que se dirige el expositor

  • Aeronáutica y/o su industria auxiliar
  • Automoción y/o su industria auxiliar
  • Energía y/o su industria auxiliar

Países de interés

  • Alemania
  • Reino Unido
  • Suecia

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