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2445-579 PORTUGAL, (Portugal)
Teléfono: +351244575400
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Since its creation in 1986, Facompril has been trusted by its customers in various sectors - automotive, houseware, agri-food, among others, developing projects from its initial idea, design, manufacture and respective production of parts.

Our commitment is based on accumulated years of know-how, with a constant focus on cost optimization and quality of the final product, using materials and accessories appropriate to the needs of each project.

Países de interés

  • Francia
  • España

Categorías de productos

  • PROCESOS DE FABRICACIÓN / Moldes, modelos, matrices y troqueles / Moldes
  • PROCESOS DE FABRICACIÓN / Utillajes y Herramientas / Herramientas

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Molds up to 16 Ton and plastic injection at 6 Kg

Molds up to 16 Ton and plastic injection at 6 Kg

Facompril has facilities with 4000 m2, with machinery suitable for all types of work and with the capacity to manufacture molds up to 16 tonnes. We also have injection machines from 60 to 1000 tonnes, with the capacity to inject parts weighting...

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